Baby Rattsen

Barbra “Baby Rattsen” is the youngest of Kevin and Karen Rattsen’s five daughters and the only one to not succeed in winning the Miss Ratsville tacky rhinestone cheese crown… well, at least not yet. She does still have another 9 years of eligibility to keep on trying.

In the meantime, she’s a full-time cosmetology student at the prestigious BeautyRat Academy, located in the back alley behind the FoodRat SuperMarket on Brie Street in Ratsville, two doors down and around the corner from the GlamRat Nail Salon and the 24-hour gym that took over the old long-vacant location of BlockRatster Video.

She and Ricky have been an item since they were in the same eighth-grade algebra class (yes, Ricky is 4 years older than Baby but no, that doesn’t mean he’s dumb, OK?)

One day she hopes to be on TV, maybe as the weather girl on KRAT Channel 7… if only that doofus Wayne Rathko would retire and Ricky’s sister Becky would do the right thing and quit to be a stay-at-home-mom instead of filling in for Wayne.

She’s been butting heads with her cousin Myles since she was born, but that doesn’t mean she won’t take Myles’ side when he and Ricky are fighting.

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