The Cartoonist

Pyra Draculea is a cartoonist, writer and multi-displinary artist. Aside from Ricky B. The Rock N Roll Rat, she is the creator of Noah’s Archipelago, a slice of family life webcomic that has been running for 2 years now. Previous comic and comedy projects include Zamo the Destroyer (a webcomic about a megalomaniacal iguana that ran from 2006-9), the very vulgar YouTube series The Nick White Show (a video tableau sitcom starring the second-biggest rockstar of the 1980s which may end up changing over to comic format), and a couple different podcast projects.

She’s also written for Discorder Magazine, Spill Magazine, and the Ubyssey, amongst others. Once upon a time, she used to make obnoxious electro-experimental noise and industrial rock as maQLu; around that same time she was briefly hanging around on the fringes of the Vancouver music scene years ago and occasionally still mines those days for creative inspiration. (Speaking of the Vancouver music scene, Draculea takes great sadistic pleasure in telling hipsters that the greatest band to ever emerge from Vancouver is Nickelback.)

Inadequate parental supervision in the 1980s allowed her to listen to the likes of Mötley Crüe from a very (far too) young age, but these days Spotify insists her favorite band is actually U2… what can she say, either way, she’s a sucker for a man in shiny black leather pants….

Still obsessed with rock n roll decades later, she lives amidst a mountain of ’80s rock memorabilia in an old house on the west coast of Canada that used to be infested with little Rickys running around, thanks to a careless previous owner… keyword: *used to be.*

Writing artist bios or about pages is by far her least favorite part of the creative process.

Check out what else she’s up to on Instagram or her main website