Myles Maarav

Myles Minoru Maarav is Ricky’s lil’ half-mouse dude frenemy. He is the bastard love child of Larry Maarav, the biggest and sleaziest used-car saleman in all of Mouseton and a notorious womanizer over on that side of the canyon, and Belinda Rattsen, Ricky’s girlfriend Baby’s kooky wine aunt who apparently can neither hold her green beer on St. Paddy’s Day nor follow directions… and hence she ended up waking up in Mouseton next to Larry, newly pregnant, one fine March 18 some 28 years ago.

Knowing of the rivalry of the two towns as well as the size differential between the Ratsville rats and the Mouseton mice, and because Larry and Belinda can’t stand each other when sober, it was decided that it would be best for Myles to be raised by his dad in Mouseton so he could be the hulking big bully instead of the teeny tiny runt getting bullied in Ratsville, and it shows in his attitude, even after moving to Ratsville as a grown-up to make a fortune fleecing the rats as an accountant whose ethics might well leave a lot to be desired… like father, like son.

Myles is one of eight known (read: admitted and child-supported) spawn of Larry, but there’s a lot more than just eight young’uns in Mouseton who look suspiciously like Larry.

In any case, when Myles isn’t overcharging for tax returns, he’s busy following in his father’s tail-chasing footsteps over in Mouseton, unless of course he has a booking for his little sideline as an Elvis impersonator/wedding officiant.

Despite the Elvis thing, both of Myles’ personal anthems are by another “E” band, Extreme: “Money (In God We Trust)” and “He-Man Woman Hater”… and despite fully embodying the attitudes spoofed in the latter, Myles somehow always finds himself easily guilt-tripped into doing chores by little old ladies, be it his mouse Grandma M in Mouseton, Nan Rattsen in Ratsville, or even Ricky’s mom.

Speaking of music… FYI: If you have any photographic evidence of his short-lived junior high efforts to become a rapper known as 3M, keep it to yourself or else Myles will find a way to absolutely ruin your life.

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