Sneak Peek at Something New

Yes, that's a shot of a script...

So… as you can tell from that little screencap of my editing window in Scrivener, there will be episodes soon.

Of what? Well, a podcast.

See, I’m in a writing group and we read short stories once a month. I wrote a bunch of them involving Ricky and Myles and Baby and the rest of the rats, and while one has turned into the bones of the first comic book/graphic novel, a bunch of them are very funny, at least IMO, but are more slice-of-life than adventure. Too big for just a single frame comic, too small for a graphic novel. Plus I have a dozen of them now and I’m still a long way from finishing the first Ricky book.

So… I used to do a podcast for another comic character of mine, The Zamo the Destroyer Show (bunch of busted links on there, I don’t think the podcast is still functional, but you can hear a couple early episodes that I posted on YouTube here… I should probably fix that site or whatever, but the project is on permanent hiatus so I haven’t bothered…)

Anyway, point is that I used to do a podcast with cartoon voices for my cartoon characters and it dawned on me that it would be fun to do that again, but with Ricky. Plus my writers’ group pals all tell me the way I read the stories is hilarious and they totes wouldn’t lie about that, right? Right.

Point is—again—that I’m-a recycle my old workflow and apply it to Ricky. I have a script done for the first episode, which has Ricky relating an incident from working at Big Mike’s studio, and hope to get it done in a couple weeks.

And it will be posted not only here and the usual podcast places, but on YouTube on the brand spankin’ new Ricky YouTube channel here and on Rumble here.

I expect to do one podcast a month for sure and maybe two… but we’ll see about that second one.

In other news, I also made a Twitter/X thingy for Ricky, follow if ya wanna.