Ricky is thrilled to have more Facebook followers than he can count


Like it says. We’re up to 200 followers on Ricky’s Facebook page (see below for the link.)


Follow Ricky on Facebook: Ricky B. the Rock n Roll Rat Facebook page
And on Instagram: Ricky B. Rat on Instagram
And on Twitter/X: Ricky B. Rat on Twitter
But also on YouTube: Ricky B. Rat on YouTube
And of course on Rumble if you’re into that: Ricky B. Rat on Rumble

Comic description

In case of broken image links or accessibility issues with today’s cartoon, here’s the gist of today’s cartoon:

Ricky comes up to Myles at their favorite watering hole, saying, “Dude! We got 200 followers on Facebook!”

Myles, reading the Wall Street News and nursing a martini, is unimpressed, saying just, “Mmm…”

Ricky carries on, saying, “That’s like… um…”

Myles retorts, “Higher than you can count?”

Ricky laughs: “Haha… totally!”

Myles then says, “Cool. Now go put a shirt on. You’re scaring the barkeep.”